At Sydney West Sports Medicine, our expert Dietitians provide a range of advice and information in relation to weight loss, nutrition, health concerns and lifestyle changes. Our Western Sydney based Dietitians also provide extensive knowledge and advice on training and competition nutrition to athletes of all levels, helping to improve performance and achieve personal sporting goals.

The food we eat plays a vital role and holds great importance in everyday health, wellbeing and performance. For some individuals, their diet could impede or improve their sporting performance while for other individual’s poor diet may be a contributing factor to a number of health issues. Some people may simply wish to make healthier food choices to improve their overall health. Whatever the reason, a Dietitian can provide expert and individualised nutrition and diet advice to help people of all ages achieve their health and lifestyle goals. Our Practitioners can assist individuals with chronic illnesses and diseases such as Diabetes and high cholesterol in order to improve their health and effectively manage their condition.

Our professional Dietitians are accredited by the Dietitians Association of Australia and have also met strict criteria guidelines to be an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD). This is the only credential allowing Dietitians to be accepted by Medicare and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA), along with many private health insurers, allowing our team to support multiple individuals in our Western Sydney based clinic.

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Sydney West Sports Medicine is owned and operated by a team of high profile sports medicine professionals. Our practitioners at Sydney West Sports Medicine are recognised as leaders in their field across many different sports. The team possesses an extensive client network at an elite and amateur sporting level, while also working with the general community on their health, disability, chronic conditions, and rehabilitation.