Opportunities at SWSM

SWSM specialise in delivering high quality treatment by providing patients and clients with a multidisciplinary approach through our allied health services, sports coverage and corporate workplace services.

Career Enquiries

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Sports Coverage

Sydney West Sports Medicine offers a full range of sports coverage services both on and off the field.

Dedicated Team Physiotherapy

Player Injury Assessment

Sports Taping and Injury Prevention

Sports Physician Services

Game Day Practitioner Support

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An SWSM physiotherapist taping a player's foot on the sideline of a football game

Corporate Services

Sydney West Sports Medicine is the leading sports medicine and rehabilitation clinic in western Sydney. Our specialised occupational health care facilities can assist your organization and workforce in the area of injury prevention, injury management and health promotion.

Our team includes a range of the best medical and allied health professionals across Australia and incorporates a full suite of consulting disciplines. We can offer tailored onsite or offsite injury prevention options to assist businesses with developing better work, health, safety and injury management systems. Our program focuses on education and the reinforcement of active-based self-management strategies within the workplace.

Injury Prevention

Pre-Employment Functional Assessments

Early Intervention Programs

Manual Handling Training Programs

Ergonomic Assesments

Pre-Employment Functional Assessments

Health & Well-Being

Monthly Health Promotion Campaigns

General Health Education & Assessments

Education Seminars and Workshops

Corporate Events - Fun Days

On-site Massage

Dietary Advice and Consultations

Medical Services

Pre-Employment Medical and Functional Assessments

On-Site Medical Services

Immunisations and Vaccines

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Occupational Blood and Urine Screening

Minor Surgery

We have an established clientele base consisting of both regional and national organizations, which vary from large labor intensive industries to government bodies and large corporate clients.

So if you need help with tailoring a solution which is suitable for your workforce give Sydney West Sports Medicine a call and we'll come out to you and discuss your business needs.