Concussion Management

At Sydney West Sports Medicine, we prioritise the health and well-being of athletes, and that includes a proactive approach to sports concussion management. Recognising the importance of athlete safety, we offer a comprehensive concussion management programme designed to safeguard your athletes and support their optimal recovery.

With a commitment to excellence and athlete-centric care, Sydney West Sports Medicine stands at the forefront of sports concussion management. We understand that a concussion is more than a physical injury—it impacts an athlete's life and aspirations. Our approach goes beyond recovery; it's about empowering athletes to return to the game they love with confidence and resilience.

Put your trust in SWSM for unparalleled sports concussion management. Prioritise safety, prioritise health, and let's ensure that your athletes are back in the game stronger and safer than ever.

  • Expert Assessment: Our team of experienced healthcare professionals specialises in concussion assessment, ensuring accurate and timely diagnosis. From on-field evaluations to advanced neurocognitive testing, we employ a thorough approach to understand the unique impact on each athlete.
  • Customised Recovery Plans: No two concussions are the same, and neither are our recovery plans. We tailor individualised rehabilitation programmes to address specific symptoms and challenges, guiding athletes through a safe and effective recovery process.
  • Education and Prevention: Knowledge is a powerful tool in concussion management. We provide educational resources for athletes, coaches, and parents to raise awareness, recognise early signs of concussion, and implement preventive measures.
  • Collaborative Care: Our interdisciplinary team collaborates seamlessly to offer holistic care. From sports medicine physicians to physical therapists and neuropsychologists, we work together to provide athletes with comprehensive support at every stage of their recovery.
  • Return-to-Play Protocols: Safety is paramount. Our evidence-based return-to-play protocols ensure that athletes resume activity only when it's medically sound to do so. We prioritise long-term health over immediate returns, minimising the risk of re-injury.

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For any queries or for further information on our range of Sports Performance & Testing services please contact Sydney West Sports Medicine on 1300 13 SWSM.

Your Concussion Specialists

Sydney West Sports Medicine is owned and operated by a team of high profile sports medicine professionals. Our practitioners at Sydney West Sports Medicine are recognised as leaders in their field across many different sports. The team possesses an extensive client network at an elite and amateur sporting level, while also working with the general community on their health, disability, chronic conditions, and rehabilitation.