Physiotherapists are experts in assessing and treating painful and debilitating musculoskeletal conditions that impact mobility and function. These issues occur commonly in the muscles, tendons and joints around the body, including the back and neck. These disorders can arise from general everyday, sporting or work-related incidents or overuse. Aging, various chronic conditions or factors that have been present since birth can also cause or contribute to the development of these disorders.

Regardless, Physiotherapy aims to treat injuries, minimise pain and restore function to promote a healthy lifestyle and help people return to their previous activities in peak condition.

At Sydney West Sports Medicine, our Physiotherapists have extensive experience with clients and athletes of all ages and abilities from a wide-ranging variety of sports and lifestyles. Through their vast array of experience, our knowledgeable Physiotherapists adopt an individualised treatment approach to target each patient’s specific concerns and problems.

Our group of Physiotherapists specialise in biomechanical analysis to assess, treat and prevent injuries and them returning. Our Practitioners utilise the latest evidence-based treatments, employing a hands on, early exercise approach that promotes fast recovery and do not use TENS or ultrasound machines. In order to facilitate the patient’s return to sport, work or everyday activities in a quick and safe manner, Sydney West Sports Medicine adopts a holistic, one-on-one treatment approach that ensures that the client and their needs remain the primary focus.

Our Physiotherapist team offers services such as:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Occupational Health
  • Dry Needling
  • Fibreglass casting
  • Thermoplastic splinting
  • Joint manipulation or mobilisation

Contact a Physiotherapist

For any queries or for further information on our range of Sports Performance & Testing services please contact Sydney West Sports Medicine on 1300 13 SWSM.

Your Physiotherapists

Sydney West Sports Medicine is owned and operated by a team of high profile sports medicine professionals. Our practitioners at Sydney West Sports Medicine are recognised as leaders in their field across many different sports. The team possesses an extensive client network at an elite and amateur sporting level, while also working with the general community on their health, disability, chronic conditions, and rehabilitation.