Sports Physician

Exercise and Sports Physicians are Medical Practitioners with additional specialist education in Sports and Exercise Medicine. To be professionally recognised as an Exercise and Sports Physician, practitioners must also complete a fellowship at the Australasian College of Sports Physicians. At Sydney West Sports Medicine, our highly expert Sports Physicians provide non surgical sports medicine treatments to athletes, sports teams and everyday individuals to treat sports related injuries, manage musculoskeletal conditions or maintain optimal health. These treatments can help to prevent illness and injury which could impede participation in work, life and physical activity.

With extensive experience working with various elite athletes, our Sports Physicians have the practical knowledge to treat all patients with a vast range of concerns. Our team adopts a universal approach to manage acute and overuse injuries and can provide Diagnostic Injection therapies for joint pain and Osteoarthritis. Sports Medicine Physicians are also qualified to provide effective treatments to manage chronic or acute illness or provide advice on injury prevention. The highly trained Sports Physicians at Sydney West Sports Medicine also aim to promote healthy lifestyles through exercise prescription suited to individual requirements.

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For any queries or for further information on our range of Sports Performance & Testing services please contact Sydney West Sports Medicine on 1300 13 SWSM.

Your Sports Physicians

Sydney West Sports Medicine is owned and operated by a team of high profile sports medicine professionals. Our practitioners at Sydney West Sports Medicine are recognised as leaders in their field across many different sports. The team possesses an extensive client network at an elite and amateur sporting level, while also working with the general community on their health, disability, chronic conditions, and rehabilitation.