Dwayne has been attending SWSM regularly and is committed to achieving his health and wellbeing goals. With the assistance of Dinora, our Exercise Physiologist, Dwayne is continuing to improve his mobility, fitness, health, and strength work via 1:1 gym and pool-based exercise programs.

Dwayne had both legs replaced with prosthetic limbs at the age of 11. Adapting to life with a disability is never easy, however, Dwayne has given himself the best opportunity in life to help himself cope with limitations, overcome challenges, and build a rewarding life. Dwayne now holds multiple world records for tower stair climbs, having competed in 9 international stair climb marathons. It is his determination and perseverance that have seen Dwayne succeed with his exercise goals.

Dwayne’s exercise sessions combine a combination of both resistance training and aerobic-based exercises including; cycling, walking, and swimming. Sessions focus on a variety of tasks such as flexibility, balance and proprioception training, postural awareness, to global strength and functional training.

Working together with Dinora, he has demonstrated the incredible capability of a person with disabilities during the exercise sessions. He has also made her think ‘outside the box approach to exercise programming in the gym and pool which has made each session challenging, rewarding and memorable.

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