Running Assessments

70% of recreational and competitive runners will sustain an overuse injury within a 12-month period. By optimising strength, flexibility and technique, running assessments are used to reduce this incidence, ultimately preventing injury and improving performance. The one-hour comprehensive running assessment will facilitate you to run at your best and achieve your goals. The assessment is completed by Physiotherapist Kaitlyn Castillo who is a previous elite sprinter and current runner. She has extensive training and experience in running and biomechanics.


  • Improved performance
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury treatment
  • Management of training loads
  • Improved flexibility and recovery

A running assessment includes:

  • A video of your running
  • Individual analysis of running technique using software to slow down each component of the running motion
  • Correction of running technique where indicated
  • Strength and flexibility screening
  • Rehabilitation program including specific running exercises and drills
  • Education on loading and training schedule

For questions and bookings please contact Sydney West Sports Medicine on 9851 5959.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a private health fund rebate?

Yes, as the assessment is completed by a physiotherapist you will be eligible to claim instantly from your fund if you are covered for physiotherapy services.

Do I have to be an elite runner to benefit?

No, runners of all shapes and sizes will benefit from this service. It doesn’t matter how much running you do, the program will be catered towards your current capabilities and future goals.

I have an injury that is preventing me from running can I book in for an assessment?

If you have an injury associated with your running there may be an issue with your technique that may be contributing towards your injury. However, if your injury is preventing you from running, please first book in for a physiotherapy assessment consult for diagnosis and treatment and your physiotherapist will help you to determine when the running assessment should be done.

How long does it go for?

A running assessment consult will take approximately one hour.

Will the assessment conflict with what I am doing with my coach?

No, the goal is to assist your running. If you are a runner that works with a coach please bring their details in so that I can liaise with your coach about any findings and facilitate technical changes with them.

What do I need to wear to the assessment?

Comfortable running clothes, tight-fitting clothes or shorts are desirable to ensure easy analysis of joint positions. Please also bring your normal running shoes and any additional pairs that you might run in.