Chiropractic is a style of treatment that focuses on addressing acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries of the body, with a specialised focus on spinal-related injuries. Chiropractic is renowned for a particular style of treatment seen all over the internet known as Chiropractic manipulation. This is a specialised manual therapy technique utilising a high velocity, low amplitude thrust to a specific joint in the body, that may be restricted in movement or stiff, in order to create both asymptomatic and/or functional change to the area.

Joints can become stiff when there is a lack of mobility and stability to a region of your body which can result in an increase of gas pressure within the joint capsule and over time leads to symptoms such as pain, stiffness and poor movement patterns. A common example is a neck and its relationship to headaches. Headaches can arise from chronic stiffness within the cervical spine (neck) because there is pressure built up within the joint capsules that have yet to be “gapped” or “released” over a long period of time. This causes neck muscles to tighten up and causes chronic tension which can lead to headaches. Administering Chiropractic manipulation to the cervical spine can provide instant and significant relief by releasing this pressure and restoring movement. The same effect applies to every other region within the body as they follow similar principles of biomechanics.

Chiropractic manipulation is a very safe, gentle and effective procedure with minimal side effects or harm. Once Chiropractic manipulation is performed, it is often accompanied with soft tissue therapy and exercise rehabilitation to comprehensively address the issue at hand and mitigate future episodes of recurring injury.

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