Most of the goals we set are to improve our health and fitness and work towards a healthier version of ourselves. The most challenging part is knowing “how to make your new year’s resolution stick”.

Here are some of my helpful tips to help you with your mindset and staying on track with your 2021 resolutions:

  1. Start by reflecting on the year 2020 – Write down the key lessons you have learnt from it. This will help determine your visions and goals for 2021.
  2. Goal setting – Start small and set realistic goals. Setting smaller goals have been proven to be a more reasonable way to accomplish your new year resolutions. When setting your resolutions for 2021, it is important they are linked to meaningful goals and values that can sustain motivation. E.g. I will cycle for at least 30 minutes around my local area with my friend every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Having a buddy with the same mindset and goals creates a greater sense of accountability and social enjoyment that assists with long term motivation, engagement, and achievements.
  3. Visualising your path to success – Imagining your desired positive outcomes and visualising your goals can help maintain focus and discipline. Some examples of using visual cues are placing post-it notes with your goal weight on your fridge or on your mirror, save positive expressions on your phone lock screen to be read often that will constantly remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, and positive affirmations are also a personal reflection that are key to staying on track.
  4. Daily/Weekly planner – Design a visual planner on your phone or write one out that breaks down your working week, scheduled appointments and the hours remaining in your day. Some self-care examples I use are exercise sessions, reading or listening to podcasts for personal/professional development or adding in your specific goals and resolutions. This will create a positive outlook to your goals, assist with routine and developing new habits and commitment to change. Establishing new lifestyle behaviours will prompt your 2021 outcomes.
  5. Reward yourself – The key to staying motivated is celebrating your wins and enjoying small progress gains along the way. Examples: massage, pedicure/manicure, going to a sporting event. Also, your rewards do not always have to be “eating out”, they are what interest you. Making it stick!

Create your own commitment contract, sign it, and stick to it. Be sure to include all the above useful and practical tools to keeping you on track and mapping your path to a positive 2021 and beyond.

Developing habits early in the year will create positive long-term success and happiness. Just remember consistency is key to success!