Our Team

Sydney West Sports Medicine is owned and operated by a team of high profile sports medicine professionals. Our Practitioners at Sydney West Sports Medicine are recognised as leaders in their field across twenty seven different sports. The team possesses an extensive client network at an elite and amateur sporting level, while also working with the general community on their health, disability, chronic conditions and rehabilitation.


Julie, Ashley Katrina and Janet

Our courteous and experienced reception staff are here to help you with any queries about the practice. They are all long-term members of the team, and as such, are extremely able to assist you.

Dr Corey Cunningham

Dr Corey Cunningham is a fellow of the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians (ACSEP), having completed specialty training in Sport and Exercise Medicine. He is the current Censor in Chief, overseeing the ACSEP examination process.

He is also a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and holds a postgraduate Masters in Sports Medicine from the University of NSW.

Dr Cunningham’s experience includes working with elite teams across many sports, including rugby, soccer, rugby league, paralympic sport, rowing, sailing and golf.

He is currently Chief Medical Officer for the NSW Institute of Sport, the Australasian PGA Golf Tour, Football NSW and Western Sydney Wanderers FC.

He is part of the Tokyo 2020 Australian Olympic Games Team, having previously fulfilled medical roles in the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Team as well as Rio 2016 and London 2012 Paralympic Teams.

His interests include the management and prevention of injuries in all active people – from recreational to elite:

  • Acute and overuse tendon injuries
  • Injection options for arthritis and tendinopathies
  • Stem cell research
  • Shoulder pain, knee, foot and ankle injuries
  • Acute and chronic back pain
  • Injuries in children and adolescents
  • Medical problems such as diabetes, asthma, headaches and epilepsy in athletes
  • Workplace injuries


Andrew Tran

Andrew completed his Physiotherapy degree at Western Sydney University in 2017, graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy. His passion towards the industry evolved as Andrew grew up playing a high level of Tennis and Swimming.

In addition to this knowledge, Andrew has gained a vast range of experience in Physiotherapy by working closely with the Western Sydney Two Blues, NSW Football Institute, Blacktown Spartans FC and Softball Australia. He has also gained experience working at the Junior National Swimming Championships providing coverage for sporting injury management.

Through his experience, Andrew has developed a keen interest in analysing and treating biomechanical concerns and injuries associated with the neck, ankles and knees. He is also interested in acute and chronic sporting injuries, working with athletes to achieve their goals in a timely manner to enable the return to high level sport and activity. Andrew achieves this by implementing biomechanical analysis, manual therapies and exercise prescription to facilitate an optimal recovery.

Brent Kirkbride

Brent Kirkbride is an experienced APA titled Sports Physiotherapist. He has been the NSW Institute of Sports Physiotherapy Consultant for the past six years, working with the state’s top 750 elite athletes, coaches and managers. He has also been the Medical Coordinator for Athletics Australia since 2001 and was a previous member of the NSW Sports Physiotherapy group committee.

Brent has gained extensive experience with many elite national and state teams in a variety of sports, including working with the Sydney Kings Basketball, GWS AFL, National Men’s and Women’s Water Polo teams, Athletics and more. He has also worked as a Physiotherapist at major sporting events including the Olympic and Commonwealth Games providing Physiotherapy services to treat pain or injuries and ensure the athletes were continually performing their best. This experience allows Brent to bring a vast range of practical knowledge to our patients at Sydney West Sports Medicine.

Brent also has a keen interest in biomechanics and its relation to injuries. He is also interested in the ways in which Physiotherapy and rehabilitation can aid the return to sport and/or work. As a result of his experience with aquatic sports, Brent has developed a particular interest in shoulder problems, while his experience in athletics provides him with great knowledge in all running related injuries, especially overuse and tendon injuries involving the lower limb and pelvis.

Brent has lectured extensively to Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists, coaches and athletes on a variety of topics relating to injuries and effective management. He has been involved in studies that have been published in international medical journals.

Through his vast range of experience and knowledge, Brent is passionate about providing the highest quality of care for all patients. This ensures Sydney West Sports Medicine maintains its reputation as one of the premier centres for effective management of all types of musculoskeletal injuries in NSW.

Kingsley Gibson

Kingsley Gibson is an experienced Sports Physiotherapist who has been an NSW Institute of Sport Physiotherapy Consultant for the past twelve years and worked with the state’s top 750 elite athletes, coaches and managers.

Kingsley has had extensive experience with elite national teams. He has been involved with the Australian Indoor Soccer, Triathlon and Hockey teams. At a state level, he has been involved with NSW Gymnastics and Hockey teams. In 2001 and 2002 he was the head Physiotherapist and Medical Coordinator for the Sydney Kings Basketball team and the 2007 West Sydney Razorbacks.

In 2000, he was the Assistant Physiotherapist to the Sydney Olympic Games Polyclinic. Kingsley travelled with the Australian Women’s Hockey team to the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester and 2004 Olympics in Athens. From 2005 to 2008, he travelled extensively with the Australian Men’s Hockey team, the Kookaburras. Kingsley was a member of the Australian medical headquarters staff at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, working with eight sports and also filled the same position at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics with 4 sports including Hockey, Diving, Synchronised Swimming and Shooting. In 2016 he attended the Rio Olympics with the Australian Olympic team working with beach volleyball, road cycling, open water swimming and diving. For his services and experience with Gymnastics, in the year 2000, the Commonwealth awarded Kingsley with a Sports Service Medal.

Kingsley has a keen interest in biomechanics and its relation to injuries, rehabilitation and the way in which Physiotherapy and various physio exercises can assist in the return to sport and/or work. He has particular expertise in shoulder, foot, ankle and knee injuries and is currently doing extensive work in the area of the lumbar spine and pelvic stability. Kingsley has also lectured extensively to many university graduates, Sports Physicians, GP’s and Massage Therapists, further demonstrating his vast expertise in Physiotherapy.

Luke Anderson

Luke completed his Physiotherapy degree at the Australian Catholic University in 2015. Previously working at Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals across Outpatient and Acute Departments, Luke has experience in treating a wide variety of orthopaedic, chronic and musculoskeletal conditions with a focus on biomechanics and exercise.

Luke was previously a national level Gymnast and Diver. He has also played Rugby Union, Rugby League, Football and has coached both Swimming and Gymnastics. Through this sporting experience, Luke has developed a keen interest in sports injury management, return to sport rehab and helping clients achieve their goals and realise their own performance potential.

His approach to treatment involves management of both functional and symptomatic recovery. Symptomatic recovery alone increases the risk of recurrence and doesn’t address the cause of the injury and functional recovery alone is often inhibited when symptoms are not adequately managed. Therefore a combination specific to the individual is necessary to help relieve symptoms and allow them to recover functionally through exercise and correcting movement patterns.

Matthew Hicks

Matthew graduated from the University of Sydney with Honours (First Class) researching Physiotherapy interventions for people with facial nerve palsy. Prior to working at Sydney West Sports Medicine, Matt spent four years working in the Hills District assessing and treating a broad range of musculoskeletal injuries.

Matt has a particular interest in the rehabilitation of patients and the role that Physiotherapy or exercise plays in the journey from acute injury to the return to sport, work or life. This includes post-operative rehabilitation of the joints including the shoulder, knee and ankle.

He has worked with athletes from a local to national level in a range of sports and has a particular interest in Football (Soccer) and Athletics (sprints/jump/distance). He has worked with the Sydney FC Women’s team and Knox Grammar Track and Field athletes. He is an accredited Level 2 Athletics Coach with Athletics Australia.

Matt also has a keen interest in workplace injury prevention and management and has worked closely with a number of businesses such as Woolworths, Toll IPEC and BevChain to improve workplace safety at a local and national level. In fact, Matt is skilled in reviewing businesses operating procedures and manual handling protocols to develop safer working environments. He works closely with Occupational Health Doctors, Rehabilitation Consultants and the workplace to optimise the care of injuries workers.

Matt has a strong focus on continued professional development. He has completed additional coursework in Dry Needling, Kinesio taping (otherwise known as athletic taping) and Pilates exercises, including both mat work and reformer. Matt has also completed his Spinal Level 1, Sports Level 1 and McKenzie Part A qualifications.

Michael Wahlen

Michael graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelors of Sport and Exercise Science before going on to complete his Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. Michael's passion for Physiotherapy has developed through his own background in sport particularly in soccer and cricket.

Michael has gained a wide range of experience from working in numerous high level sports settings including with Prospect United SC, Mt Druitt Town Rangers FC, Newington College Soccer, Athletics NSW, Netball NSW and Softball NSW.

Through his experience, Michael has gained a keen interest in the management of acute and chronic sporting and work injuries and enjoys working with clients in the rehabilitation process to ensure their return to work or high-performance sport. Michael looks to achieve this through the implementation of a combination of evidence-based treatment techniques including exercise prescription and manual therapy. Michael is also a strong advocate of continual professional development and lifelong learning.

Nora Salem

Nora completed her Physiotherapy degree from Western Sydney University in 2018, graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Physiotherapy. Her passion towards physiotherapy has been fueled with her interest in weightlifting, yoga and mixed martial arts.

Nora has a dedication in Women's Health, supporting the health, fitness and well-being of women of all ages, from adolescence, pregnancy, menopause. Nora provides thorough effective treatment for pregnancy-related issues and pre and post-natal care, pelvic floor problems, continence & pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain. She has completed post graduate training with Women's Health Training Associates with a course in Introductory Women's Health and with the Australian Institute of Fitness in Pre and Post Pregnancy and Exercise.

Nora has a variety of experience working with sporting teams, including Bankstown City Netball Association and Western Sydney Two Blues, and providing sports coverage for NSW State Gymnastics competitions and NSW Netball Senior State Titles Championship.

She has expertise in spinal and postural health and enjoys treating neck pain and headaches, pelvis, hip and lower back problems by implementing treatment techniques including evidence based manual therapy, dry needling and exercise prescription. She believes every client, regardless of pain, injury or disability, has the capacity to improve and live a more active, fulfilled life.

Exercise Physiologists

Chris Pappas

Chris is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist with Exercise and Sport Science Australia. He has a keen interest and vast experience in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, injury prevention, strength and conditioning programs, athletic development and VO2Max testing. He has previously lectured at Australian Catholic University for the Masters of Exercise Physiology as well as presenting for Sports Medicine Australia, Sydney University, Australian Physiotherapy Association and The Australian College of Sports Physicians. Chris has contributed to articles for Men’s Health, The Sydney Morning Herald and is often called upon as an Independent Expert for complex legal matters.

Chris’ extensive work experience includes consulting for Cricket NSW, Football NSW, working with National Rugby League and NSW Cup players, National level Track and Field athletes, as well as professional Mixed Martial Artists. Chris is currently the Head of Sport Science & Strength and Conditioning at Sydney FC. He has a passion for delivering the latest science to improve movement, strength, mobility and performance.


  • Bachelor of Exercise Science
  • Masters of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning)
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • Accredited Sports Scientist (Level 2)
  • ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach (Level 2)
  • Level 1 ISAK
  • EXOS Performance Specialist
  • FFA Conditioning License

Dean McNamara

Dean McNamara is an experienced exercise physiologist, sports scientist and strength & conditioning coach. He currently holds accreditation as an Exercise Physiologist (AEP), Sports Scientist (ASpS2) and Accredited High Performance Manager (AHPM) with Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA), and is qualified Strength and Conditioning coach with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA).

Dean has a strong interest in the sports science and the management of athletes. He has completed a PhD at the Australian Catholic University. The focus of his PhD was monitoring workload and fatigue in elite cricketers. Dean continues to publish his work and has reviewed papers for several international sports science publications. Dean has held sessional lecturing positions at the Australian Catholic University in both the Undergraduate and Masters of Exercise Physiology program.

Deans current positions include:

  • Exercise Physiologist/Sports Scientist/Performance Coach – Sydney Sports & Exercise Physiology
  • Physical Performance Manager – Sydney Thunder
  • Sports Science Consultant – Cricket Australia
  • Sports Science Consultant – Cricket New South Wales
  • Director – Sydney West Sports Medicine


Dinora De Venuti

Dinora is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) with Sydney West Sports Medicine and is a qualified Gymnastics coach, holding an Advanced Silver accreditation in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics with Gymnastics Australia (GAUS). She has extensive experience in coaching both national and elite athletes. Along with her coaching abilities, Dinora has established a keen interest in injury prevention of musculoskeletal injuries with high performing athletes.

Dinora specialises in exercise prescription for the management of chronic diseases and also instructs weekly Hydrotherapy sessions within our clinic at Sydney West Sports Medicine. She is currently involved with competitive national athletes in Gymnastics as a coach, looking after injury prevention, musculoskeletal injuries and developing programs to assist in returning to full training and competitions.

Felix Yau

Felix completed his Bachelors of Applied Science - Exercise Physiology degree at University of Sydney in 2012. He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) under ESSA with Sydney West Sports Medicine.

Felix has a wide range of experience throughout his working career; he has worked with aged care, cardiac rehabilitation, chronic diseases and musculoskeletal injuries. He currently runs the Type II diabetes and hydrotherapy class on a weekly basis.

Felix has a passion for making health and fitness an enjoyable and challenging experience for all his clients. He has a special interest in not only sporting injuries but also work-related injuries. He loves to help each person understand how their problems developed and how to best prevent and manage them in the future.

Haylee Ingle

Haylee is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and Exercise Scientist (AES) with Sydney West Sports Medicine.

Haylee graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Health Science (Sport & Exercise Science) and completed her Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation) at Charles Sturt University.

Haylee has experience working with an array of clients managing and preventing diseases and injuries, musculoskeletal and return to work rehabilitation. She has particular interest in emphasising positive lifestyle and behaviour changes to her clients to reach their goals. Her ambition as an Exercise Physiologist is to continue to improve the quality of life of all her clients, she works with by implementing evidence-based practice to achieve the best outcomes.

Haylee’s passion for sport and leading a physically active lifestyle guided her in the direction of wanting to help others create a healthy and active lifestyle - disease, injury and pain free.

Haylee provides a holistic approach amongst the exercise physiology realm and endeavours to continue building upon her skills and knowledge to implement the most effective rehabilitation to treat, manage and prevent acute and chronic disease and injuries.

Nathan McGrath

Nathan graduated from the University of Sydney in 2018 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology) and since becoming an Accredited Exercise Physiologist has worked across a wide variety of areas of healthcare, including musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiometabolic, oncological and geriatric. He enjoys utilising strength and conditioning principles to empower others to be the best version of themselves they can be, incorporating a lifestyle approach to assist in facilitating successful and sustainable health outcomes. With thorough experience working within insurance schemes (Workcover, CTP and Life), NDIS, DVA and Medicare, as well as a strong background in mental health and psychological well-being, Nathan believes that an enjoyable yet challenging routine is the key to holistic well-being. Nathan has a passion for exercise training and has competed in high-level football (NPL) as well as athletics and cross country at a state and national level; he has completed internships with the Young Socceroos and Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs.

Nicholas Feather

Nick graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise Physiology and has since become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and Exercise Scientist (AES) with Sydney West Sports Medicine.

During his study, Nick immersed himself in a multitude of coaching positions to further his knowledge and develop his practical understanding by undertaking Swimming, Cricket and Rugby coaching positions whilst competing in the latter two sports himself. Nick has developed a real passion for exercise and believes it is an essential medium to help people live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

In addition to his study and coaching experiences, Nick also worked as a replenishment team member at Woolworths supermarkets while completing his degree. During this position, Nick saw firsthand the importance of exercise as an essential treatment to help injured workers get back on their feet and return to work in a timely manner, and therefore uses this knowledge in his practice.

Nikki Lodge

Graduating from the University of Sydney in 2010, Nikki has since had the experience of working in a diverse range of environments including private clinics, hospitals and industrial onsite locations. She has also used her knowledge as an Exercise Physiologist alongside a number of elite and semi elite sporting associations such as the Parramatta Eels and Penrith Panthers Rugby League Football Clubs, as well as Gymnastics NSW.

Nikki specialises in the delivery of exercise for chronic disease prevention and management, musculoskeletal rehabilitation (including pre and post-operatively), weight loss/management, sports specific training or general health and wellbeing advice.

Nikki is passionate about providing the appropriate support, education and management for patients with complex and/or chronic conditions such as Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Mental Health Illness, Cancer, Arthritis, Pulmonary Disease, Neuromuscular Disorders and more.

Nikki is experienced in working with large corporate companies to provide training in regards to safe manual handling practices, implementing injury prevention programs and providing functional capacity and musculoskeletal assessments. Nikki also instructs weekly group Diabetes classes to assist both pre-diabetics with controlling their condition, and group Hydrotherapy classes for those with musculoskeletal injuries and chronic lower back pain.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr Tack Shin Lee

Graduating from the Flinders University of South Australia, Dr Tack Shin Lee obtained an Honours degree in Medicine. Following graduation, he undertook an Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) Advanced Orthopaedic training in NSW. During this period, he spent six months in the U.S.A as a Paediatric Orthopaedic Fellow.

At the completion of his advanced training, he undertook sub-specialty training in trauma as a Fellow at the Royal North Shore Hospital. He then went on to complete a Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh accredited Knee Reconstruction and Arthroplasty Fellowship with Dr Michael Wilkinson at the King’s College Hospital in London and a Shoulder Arthroscopy Fellowship at the King’s College Hospital with Dr Adel Tavakkolizadeh. He also spent twelve months as a Sports Physician at the Crystal Palace Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre in London.

He is fluent in Chinese, particularly Hakka, Cantonese and Mandarin and is also conversant in Bahasa Malaysian.

Dr Tack Shin Lee specialises in:

  • Sports Injury
  • Arthroscopy
  • Ligament Reconstruction
  • Meniscal Repair
  • Hip and Knee Replacement
  • Trauma and Fracture Management


Bader Eldejany

Bader is a graduate of Macquarie University with a Bachelor and Postgraduate Masters degree in Chiropractic Sciences. Bader has pursued further studies and obtained a Graduate Certificate in OH&S and is an accredited practitioner with WorkCover and specialised provider of Functional Release Conditioning.

Bader has great experience treating a broad scope of patients and neuro-musculoskeletal conditions with a hands on approach. His philosophy of injury prevention through proactive therapy and strength & conditioning allows his patients to recover from injuries efficiently.

Bader has a strong skill set for delivering pain relieving treatment which include spinal manipulation, peripheral manipulation, dry needling, myofascial cupping and the design of postural correction and rehabilitation programs. Bader ensures he is always up to date on the most current research and is active in learning new clinical practice techniques to provide only the best outcomes for his clients.

Outside of clinic, Bader lives an active lifestyle involving himself in soccer, brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai kickboxing and weightlifting.


Amelia Hofer

Amelia graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Podiatry, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science) part-time. She enjoys all aspects of Podiatry, and has a passion for exercise rehabilitation and lower limb biomechanics.

Amelia has represented Gymnastics NSW at a national level and Australian Oztag internationally. As a result, she has a unique appreciation for the physical demands of elite sport, and an understanding of appropriate training load management. During her time as an artistic gymnast she experienced first hand a number of foot and ankle injuries which led to an intricate knowledge of lower limb anatomy, and sparked a keen interest in sports podiatry.

Attributing her strong understanding of biomechanics principles to her gymnastics coaching, she maintains an Advanced coaching accreditation and continues to coach in her spare time.

Amelia loves to problem-solve complex injuries and is looking forward to servicing the Greater Western Sydney area with a contemporary approach to Podiatric assessment and management.

Massage Therapist

Ben Alam

With a keen interest in weight training and previous experience as a personal trainer, Ben’s passion for health and fitness saw him complete a Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage and obtain qualifications in Dry Needling. Ben has gained extensive clinical experience working as a Sports and Remedial Therapist, as well as working with the Western Sydney Wanderers sporting team and Women’s elite Gymnastics team in relation to injury prevention techniques.

Ben specialises in providing Remedial Therapy to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and discomfort such as lower back pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, neck pain, postural imbalances and sprains or strains. By utilising a range of techniques including Remedial Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Dry Needling for injury management, Ben is able to treat and prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement commonly caused by muscle dysfunctions.