Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Participating in rehabilitation exercises prior to surgery has proven to have many positive impacts for patients after surgery, including less pain and an earlier hospital discharge. Generally conducted over a five to six weeks before surgery, pre-operative rehabilitation at Sydney West Sports Medicine can provide the best chance of full recovery. Conducted by our highly qualified multidisciplinary team of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Podiatrists, Orthopaedic Specialists and Massage Therapists, rehabilitation programs at our Western Sydney based clinic adopt a holistic and individualised approach.

Optimising recovery and assisting your return to normal daily activities sooner involves a combination of strengthening exercises and education. Pre-surgical rehabilitation programs generally involve weight-based programs to maximise strength in the muscles surrounding the operative area as they work overtime to compensate in the presence of weakness and pain. Some surgical interventions may also force individuals into prolonged periods of inactivity, resulting in muscle atrophy. Strength-based programs prior to surgery can reduce the extent of muscle wasting, and help your post-operative rehabilitation.

Pre-operative rehabilitation programs at Sydney West Sports Medicine also give patients the ability to exercise in safe environments that will not exacerbate the injury or condition. These programs may focus on normalising movement patterns or improving muscular control of the injured joint to maximise recovery. Furthermore, our highly knowledgeable team is dedicated to education and the provision of expert advice, to assist our patients in understanding what to expect before and after their surgery.

Following surgery it is not uncommon for patients to experience adverse effects such as limited movement, pain, swelling and discomfort. In order to minimise these impacts and regain movement and strength, post-operative rehabilitation programs play a pivotal role in a patient’s recovery and timely return to daily activities.

At Sydney West Sports Medicine, we offer holistic rehabilitation services to optimise recovery for post-surgery patients. With a multidisciplinary team at our Rooty Hill clinic, we are able to offer highly tailored services that meet specific post-operative requirements and the individuals needs. After a thorough one-on-one consultation, our knowledgeable team works directly with the patient to establish practical goals and develop a customised rehabilitation plan.

Maximise Results and Optimise Recovery

Depending on the patient’s surgery, previous medical records and the patient’s goals, post-operative rehabilitation may involve a vast array of treatments to maximise results and optimise recovery. Post-operative programs may include exercise therapies such as Hydrotherapy or Anti Gravity Treadmills to restore range of movement, improve strength and reverse the effects of muscle atrophy associated with prolonged muscle disuse. Alternatively, manual therapy techniques as conducted by our Physiotherapists and Chiropractors may also be used to encourage movement and restore mobility.

Furthermore, Gait Assessments and training as conducted by our Podiatrists or Exercise Physiologists may be utilised to assess biomechanics and retrain the body to move functionally in a way that reduces the risk of re-injury. Massage therapy may also be utilised to help minimise pain and reduce swelling. Whatever methods of treatment, patients can be guaranteed a complete, multidisciplinary and tailored approach to help maximise recovery post-surgery. Our team will also provide appropriate advice and self-care techniques to continue treatments at home.