Hydrotherapy (or aquatic exercise) is a form of rehabilitative exercise that takes place in a heated pool. The warmth and water provide many positive benefits to your body: such as reducing the impact loading on joints (buoyancy) and stimulating blood flow to your muscles, making it easier to perform exercises that you may not be able to on dry land. Hydrotherapy is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, but is most beneficial for people with chronic pain, recovering post-surgery or someone starting out on their fitness journey.

Even though some exercises may feel easier in the water, you can still increase your strength and cardiovascular fitness by performing the appropriate exercises in the pool. At Sydney West Sports Medicine our Hydrotherapy classes are designed and supervised by accredited Exercise Physiologist’s who tailor classes to increase your strength and endurance, improve your cardiovascular fitness, balance, mobility and overall function.

We offer three different rehabilitative Hydrotherapy classes at Sydney West Sports Medicine that are 60 minutes in duration. Classes operate four times a week for convenience and an ability to swim is not necessary.

Get Moving Class

Designed for individuals aiming to improve their overall health, the ‘Get Moving’ class focuses on a range of Hydrotherapy exercises that works all muscle groups. Throughout the class participants will improve their exercise tolerance, strength and cardiovascular fitness. It is an ideal treatment option for individuals wishing to manage medical conditions such as Diabetes or achieve weight loss in a safe and effective environment.

Hip and Knee Class

Targeted for individuals with acute or chronic lower limb injuries, including post-operative rehabilitation, arthritis, or other muscle, bone or joint injury. The ‘Hip and Knee’ class is an effective treatment option to improve lower limb muscular strength and endurance, balance and control to assist with everyday tasks and progress to land based exercise management.

Back Class

Sydney West Sports Medicine has created the ‘Back Class’ targeted for individuals with acute or chronic lower limb injuries, including post-operative rehabilitation. With the incidence of back pain increasing in today’s society, the aim of the program is to improve core activation and strength, functional movement and whole body strength to reduce pain, promote recovery and improve function.

Sydney West Sports Medicine welcomes all individuals to participate in our Hydrotherapy classes.