At Sydney West Sports Medicine, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare resources to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of individuals in the Western Sydney area. We’re heavily committed to assisting individuals in managing chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and providing programs that will improve the patient’s health.

At Sydney West Sports Medicine, we offer Diabetes Group education & exercise programs consisting of weekly exercise classes led by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (link to section 3.3). The program aims to give Diabetics the skills & knowledge to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. These specifically designed Diabetes classes are held at our Blacktown City based clinic in Rooty Hill and are fully bulk billed by Medicare upon appropriate referral from your GP. Alternatively, they can be attended as a private patient.

The group Diabetes exercise classes are enjoyable and include a combination of both aerobic and resistance training utilising Thera Bands (resistance bands) and dumbbells. Diabetic exercise classes may also involve land or pool based exercises to maintain diversity, motivation and ensure continual improvement.

Specialised Education and Exercise Programs

The Diabetic exercise sessions are designed to:

  • Assist with weight loss and improved body composition
  • Improve Glycaemic control - Reduction in HBa1c levels reducing the risk of Diabetes-related complications.
  • Increase exercise tolerance, strength and muscular endurance.
  • Reduce systolic blood pressure and increase knowledge and awareness of the condition.