Casting, Splinting & Bracing

Casting, Splinting & Bracing

When injuries occur, whether it be a fracture, dislocation or soft tissue damage, non-surgical treatment options, such as casts, splints and braces are often used. Alternatively, splints, casts and braces may also be used as a preventative measure to limit the risk of recurring injuries or be used to immobilise joints post-surgery to allow for healing. Some chronic conditions, such as scoliosis may also require supportive devices to improve physical function and reduce pain.

At Sydney West Sports Medicine, we offer casting, splinting and bracing services in order to support a vast array of injuries and chronic conditions. Our highly knowledgeable team have the skills to assess, diagnose and treat a range of orthopaedic injuries and conditions through the use of supportive devices. Casts, splints and braces are heavily dependent on the cause of concern, therefore our multidisciplinary team will conduct a thorough, one-on-one assessment to determine the best course of treatment.


A cast, otherwise referred to as an orthopaedic cast, is a supportive device typically used to immobilise skeletal fractures. Fractures generally require immobilisation to hold the bone in the correct position and restrict movement for adequate healing and optimum protection. For this reason, casts are made of hard setting materials such as fibreglass that are moulded specifically to the individual and their injured area. At Sydney West Sports Medicine, our Orthopaedic Specialists and Physiotherapists have access to quality materials to maximise comfort for the patient and ensure optimum healing. Our Practitioners will ensure that casts or not too loose, which can limit much needed protection, as well as ensure casts are not too restrictive or tight which can exacerbate pain and be uncomfortable.


While casts completely immobilise fractured bones, splints are used to partially immobilise injured joints or tissues. Put simply, splints allow limited movement and flexibility which may be required for some injuries to effectively heal. Splints may be also used alongside casts as a holistic treatment plan, allowing for gradual movement after a period of total immobilisation. At Sydney West Sports Medicine, splints are custom made from thermoplastic materials to effectively support the injury and can be adjusted to account for swelling and patient comfort.


Orthotic braces are devices that are externally applied to support various limbs. At Sydney West Sports Medicine, our Physiotherapists, Orthopaedic Specialists and Occupational Therapists may prescribe orthotic braces to help individuals manage various illnesses or injuries. These pre-made devices are specially fitted to the individual and provide assistance with movement, alleviate pain and prevent further injury that can be associated with various concerns.

For various chronic conditions and permanent impairments, braces can support individuals in maintaining correct function and significantly reduce pain. Brace devices may include back supports, ankle boots, wrist braces, hinged knee braces and more.