Injury Clinic to Asylum Seekers & Refugees

Injury Clinic to Asylum Seekers & Refugees

Sydney West Sports Medicine are offering the ICFAR Clinic - the Injury Clinic for Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

ICFAR was founded in 2018 by Doctors Corey Cunningham and John Best. ICFAR is currently in its third year and operates out of Sydney West Sports Medicine in Rooty Hill, NSW, every second Wednesday by appointment (9am – 12pm).

ICFAR aims to help any refugees and asylum seekers who have injuries, aches and pains which may not have been diagnosed. The Doctors are specialists and Registrars (trainee specialists) with the Australasian College of Sports and Exercise Physicians.

ICFAR encourages their patients to be referred by their General Practitioner (GP). The fees are Medicare only however if you are not registered with Medicare, we may charge a small fee or we may be able to waive this. We are also able to access interpreter services if needed, free of charge, please just let us know at the time of booking the appointment.

Our philosophy is to be accurate, precise and prompt to help diagnose your problem, help you have the best possible treatment and get you moving comfortably again. We prescribe exercise and give advice on nutrition, sleep and general fitness. Our Doctors recognise that most refugees and asylum seekers have experienced significant trauma and loss. We respect this fact and understand that this may also affect your health and well-being.

We have enjoyed meeting and helping people from many countries including - Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Bosnia and Zimbabwe and look forward to meeting you too!

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