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  • Our Podiatrists accept Medicare and allow Medicare rebates
  • We use HICAPS and can accept all major health funds.

Podiatrists commonly treat patients with pain or concerns in their feet, ankles, shins or knees including plantar fasciits, heel and arch pain, bunions, Mortons neuroma, stress fractures, shin splints and patello-femoral pain.

Such injuries are usually caused by imbalance of the musculo-skeletal system of the feet and lower limb, which lead to overuse, impingement or over-load of vulnerable structures. We will often play a role in management of hip and lower back pathology, depending on contributing biomechanical factors.

Podiatrists undertake a comprehensive assessment including video analysis of walking, running, and sport specific movements. Treatment by your Podiatrist may include stretching, strengthening, orthotic and footwear prescription, strapping, rest and icing. Orthotics are often prescribed to alleviate pain, improve performance, improve lower limb function, increase shock absorption and in prevention of lower limb injuries or structural changes i.e. bunions.


We treat many young athletes for conditions such as growing pains associated with Osgood-Schlatters and Severs Disease. We assess and treat toeing/out-toeing, toe-walking , hypermobility as well as symptomatic flat feet or inverted ankles and general poor alignment.

Gait Analysis

We use state of the art video gait assessment technology to analyse exactly how your biomechanics may have contributed to your injury. This is done in an attempt to find the root cause of the problem in order to ensure that we can prevent it from returning any time soon. We take a very scientific, detailed approach to this area as our Podiatrists believe that our walking and running gait is responsible for so many of our pains and injuries and find it alarming that most people either don't know their gait patterns or fall for what the salesperson at the shoe store tells them.

Laser - Fungal Nails & Warts

Laser therapy is rapidly becoming the most popular treatment for fungal nails and warts because it is less invasive than introducing chemicals into your body and there is no residual pain after the treatment. It is also more cost effective in the long run than repeatedly purchasing topical agents at the pharmacy for long periods which may only yield minimal results.


We are the only group in NSW that is involved in every step of the orthotic process from taking digital scans, creating the customised designs to manufacture through 3D modelling and plastic milling processes. This guarantees a more tailored device that is actually created by someone who has examined your foot as opposed to a stranger in a lab.

Sports injuries

We treat everybody from those casually exercising at home, to the more dedicated gym junkie. We provide podiatric services for the Central Coast Mariners and Sydney FC, several high profile track/field athletes and tennis stars as well as having been involved in AFL clubs and are up to date with world trends in 'football medicine' including lower limb injuries , risk factors associated with loading during training and game situations as well as footwear.


We offer advice on any type of footwear including work boots, casual shoes, running/training shoes, school shoes and football boots.

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