Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

Sydney West Sports Medicine offers a range of return to work services for patients under the Workers Compensation and CTP schemes. All Sydney West Sports Medicine Practitioners are Work Cover Accredited (SIRA accredited) and have a high level of experience in dealing with complex injuries and workers compensation claims.

The goal of Sydney West Sports Medicine is to assist injured workers with achieving a safe, timely and sustainable return to work, which meets the specific functional demands of their job role. Sydney West Sports Medicine not only has a specialist multidisciplinary sports medicine and rehabilitation clinic in Western Sydney but also offers a diverse range of on-site services for large corporations such as Toll, BevChain and Woolworths.

Work Cover Rehabilitation

Sydney West Sports Medicine brings together the most extensive, diverse and experienced range of elite health professionals and services under the one roof. This ensures appropriate patient management and effective work cover rehabilitation throughout the entirety of the claim and exceptional liaison between all Practitioners and other key stakeholders, in order to achieve a durable return to work and recovery for the injured worker.

Sydney West Sports Medicine offers early intervention programs focused on an active based return to work strategies, onsite services, training in safe manual handling practices, implementing onsite injury prevention programs, work capacity/ musculoskeletal assessments and individualised work cover rehabilitation programs all on-site at our Western Sydney based clinic. Our rehabilitation and physical therapy practices involve both land based exercise and Hydrotherapy classes to suit individual needs and preferences.