Occupational Health Doctors

Occupational Health Doctors

At Sydney West Sports Medicine, we partner with a range of Practitioners and injury management consultants including Job Fit Healthcare Group’s highly skilled occupational physician, Occupational Health Doctors, who consult at our Western Sydney based clinic. With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Occupational Health Doctors provide holistic and individualised care to help occupational health patients meet their return to work requirements.

Occupational Health Doctors have developed a strong background in ICU, Orthopaedics and has been trained in emergency medical procedures. He is also an authorised Work Cover medical Practitioner and injury management consultant, providing great assistance to individuals who may have Workers Compensation or CTP claims.

At Sydney West Sports Medicine, Occupational Health Doctors can provide comprehensive injury management and treatment services to help patients achieve their relevant return to work requirements, as stipulated by the Work Cover Authority of New South Wales. Along with providing treatments, Occupational Health Doctors can also provide exceptional advice on ways to participate in daily living and household activities in a more effective and risk free manner.

At Sydney West Sports Medicine, our Occupational Physicians also consult and provide recommendations on assistive technologies and environmental modifications that can be utilised outside of the clinic and promote a greater sense of wellbeing due to the independence of completing various everyday tasks.