Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

At Sydney West Sports Medicine, we are committed to promoting optimal health and wellbeing throughout our daily lives and in the workplace. We have created tailored onsite services along with comprehensive health and wellbeing initiatives for businesses to maximise overall health and prevent injuries to their employees.

Our team understands that having a structured workplace health and safety program can reduce economic costs associated with work related injury or illness as well as increase workplace productivity. Therefore, our workplace initiatives offer a streamlined approach for businesses to implement in order to improve health, safety and injury processes and reduce worker’s compensation premiums.

On-site Services:

To maximise health and safety in the workplace, Sydney West Sports Medicine offers a variety of on-site services. These on-site programs are designed to effectively help businesses reduce the cost of injuries and minimise disruptions to daily operations in the workplace by decreasing the need to seek treatments elsewhere.

In order to achieve this, our team provides Physiotherapy services for the early intervention of work related pain and provides Exercise Physiology services to improve movement and fitness to prevent workplace injuries and maintain maximum health. Employees can access our on-site work related and activity and conditioning programs as conducted by our multidisciplinary team to further ensure safe movements that will prevent injury in the workplace.

Sydney West Sports Medicine also works directly with businesses to provide practical guidance toward injury management initiatives and functional capacity assessments to ensure employees are not putting their health at risk. Furthermore, our knowledgeable team assists businesses in the analysis of work related tasks to identify potential risks and determine safe solutions.

Health & Wellbeing Initiatives:

In order to increase workplace productivity and engagement, the health and wellbeing of employees are important. At Sydney West Sports Medicine, we have developed educational Health & Wellbeing initiatives to help businesses positively contribute to the overall health of their staff.

Our expert and multidisciplinary team works with businesses such as Woolworths, Australia Post, Coles, BevChain, Linfox and Aldi to provide unique workplace Health and Wellbeing programs. These tailored solutions may include initiatives such as monthly health promotion campaigns, general health education, employee health assessments, executive health assessments, corporate events, educational seminars and interactive workshops, corporate fitness programs, dietary advice, skin cancer spot checks and onsite massages. This holistic approach to employee health and wellbeing positively impacts workplace culture, while minimising the risk of business disruptions.