Occupational Health

Occupational Health

With specialised facilities and a multidisciplinary team, Sydney West Sports Medicine offers holistic Occupational Healthcare services to assist various organisations and the workforce within the area of injury prevention, injury management and health promotion. Our professional practitioners are highly experienced in providing a range of onsite services, health and wellbeing programs, injury prevention and medical services for establishments such as Coles, Woolworths, Toll IPEC, Australia Post, TNT and Linfox to increase workplace productivity and safety.

Our Work Cover approved Practitioners, in conjunction with our Occupational Health Doctors also aim to provide priority appointments for injured employees suffering from lacerations, musculoskeletal injuries (strains, sprain and breaks) as well as providing any necessary rehabilitation that may be required. We offer tailored treatment solutions for injured workers under the Worker Cover and Workers Compensation schemes, that aims to safely rehabilitate injuries and encourages a timely return back to the workforce. Through safe, informative and active based treatment solutions, our team aims to improve mobility, decrease pain, prevent further injuries and return workers to pre-injury work duties.

Occupational Physicians

With access to numerous facilities, state of the art technology and a highly experienced and accredited team, Sydney West Sports Medicine offer a complete and individualised approach towards treatments. We attribute our success to effective communication channels between all interested parties, micro-management of patients and their claims or injuries, effective active based treatment models and early access or priority care to treatment and rehabilitation for injured workers. Follow the links below to learn more about our specific Occupational health services.