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A stretch is the process of moving particular body parts into positions to lengthen the muscles and surrounding soft tissue. Stretching is most commonly used to help release tightness or for relief of stiff joints.


Considerations for the Female Athlete

The female athlete triad is a potentially serious condition that will result in reduced athletic performance, as well as serious health concerns that may affect your health long after adolescence.


Decoding scan results

Scan results can be very overwhelming and it can be hard to sort through the medical jargon and terminology, to understand what is going on. Unfortunately, sometimes the information obtained from scans can be misleading.


Front vs Back Squats

There are multiple variations of the squat each with their reason and purpose. By varying your type of squat, load, equipment, form, speed and foot placement, there are so many different ways to utilise the squat in your training.


Dietary Gritty

In this paleolithic world of answers and low carb solutions, it is no surprise that we find ourselves jumping from one dietary practice to another. We take up arms for a cause with passion and zealotry, only to realise what we were promised isn’t what we’ve received…and that’s when we fall off the band wagon into the proverbial abyss of binging and Netflix.

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