Dwayne’s Journey: Bilateral Below Knee Amputation

Dwayne has been attending SWSM regularly and is committed to achieving his health and wellbeing goals. With the assistance of Dinora, our Exercise Physiologist, Dwayne is continuing to improve his mobility, fitness, health, and strength work via 1:1 gym and pool-based exercise programs. Dwayne had both legs replaced with prosthetic limbs at the age of

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Diabetes: Explained

In its simplest form, Diabetes is a disease that occurs when someone’s blood glucose (blood sugar) levels are too high.  We have a small organ called a pancreas that senses when we have too much glucose (sugar) in our blood. If there is too much, it produces a hormone called insulin, which makes sure the

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Four Quick Foot-Care Tips at Home

Quick foot-care tips With summer just around the corner, what better time to get your feet in shape for those days when your feet will be on show to the world.  Here are a few tips to keep your feet in good condition over the warmer months. Moisturise! Do your feet ever feel dry around

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Staying motivated with your rehabilitation

Rehabilitating an injury can sometimes be challenging, lengthy, and at times consuming, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, this process may involve putting on hold activities we normally enjoy doing.  Below are some steps to guide your rehabilitation journey and some tips to keep you motivated to getting back on track.  PROCESSING & GOAL SETTING Initially,

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