Understanding the Link between Training, Injury and Success

Likelihood of injury

By Matthew Hicks (Physiotherapist)

Training plays a vital part in optimising athletic performance. It must be of adequate volume and high enough quality to not only improves performance, but also to keep the athlete injury free. Over the past few years, scientific research has tried to better understand the relationship between training load and injury.

The likelihood on injury increases due to two main reasons; underloading and overloading. Read More…

Footy Finals are nearly here; but how do our idol players recover after these big games?

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Cameron Hyde (Exercise Physiologist)

Recovery is as important as training.

Sport is such an integral part of the Australian community. AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Hockey; it doesn’t matter which sport it is, Aussies love it! Our sports stars need to recover after these big games week to week, but here are some of their simple secrets that you can do yourself. Read More…

How to Pick Your Physio

By Luke Anderson (Physiotherapist)

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When you need to see a physio, a lot of people pick a physio based on word-of-mouth recommendations or whoever Google tells you is closest. As some of you may know, this can be a bit hit and miss.

When I was hunting around for a private practice job I was in a similar position to many people looking for a physio – how do I tell if this is a good practice with good physiotherapists? Read More…

To Strap or Not to Strap? What, when and why you should be strapped

By Nadine George (Physiotherapist)

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Sports strapping (or taping) is extremely common in the sporting world and the everyday clinic. Very rarely will you attend a sports match and not see someone running around with one part or another strapped up. In fact, most competitive sports teams allocate time before each training session and game purely to allow their athletes to be strapped!

As with any form of treatment, there is a huge variety of tapes on the market, and subsequently, an endless variety of uses and techniques. This can become quite confusing when you attend treatment and are recommended to use tape, or to be strapped before you play on the weekend. Read More…

Do you have what it takes to be the next Swan Lake?

Written by Stephanie Zamoyski (Physiotherapist)

Ballet Pre-Pointe Assessment Western Sydney

Almost every young ballet dancer’s dream is to finally be ready to start training and performing on pointe. Now making that decision as to whether or not a dancer is ready is certainly a complex one. Now respecting that different elements also need to be considered (Age, Bony development, Maturity, Years of ballet training, Current training schedule, Strength and Alignment), this blog however, will just be touching on the importance of core stability and motor control from a clinical perspective. Read More…